Third grade girl said to her Learning Specialist, " You are helping me get better in math.  Thank you."

College student said to her Learning Specialist, " How you explained math concepts made all the difference in helping me succeed in my college math course."

Second grade boy said to his Learning Specialist, " I called to tell you that I asked mom to buy me a book because I know I can read it.  I now love to read. Thank you for helping me."

Parent said, " My child's learning needs were finally identified. She is motivated to learn and is improving in her reading."

Vincent's Grandmother said, "Thank you so much for your dedication toward helping my grandson."

Chris said, "My Learning Specialist knows how to show and explain math in a way that helps me remember it." (age, 39)

Leo's and Fabian's parents said, "Thank you for all you have done to help our children and family."

Leo said, "I appreciate all you have done for me." (age 13)

Fabian said, " I will always remember you and all you've done for me.  I want you there when I name a dinosaur!" (age 10)

we diagnose learning needs and tailor solutions for your success.

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Dynamic Learners, Inc., is a nonprofit educational organization “for diagnosis and intervention of reading and math literacy deficits of children and adults, including underserved and bilingual learners.”

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