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We want to develop and maintain a close relationship with parents/guardians, teachers, principals, and the members of the community aimed at helping each person learn and grow. We want to collaborate with schools and communities to create personalized learning empowerment plans to help all leaners of all ages, including underserved and bilingual learners. Working together to build strong and effective community engagement to:

  • improve access of learning services to underserved and bilingual learners and families,

  • share learning expertise and resources,

  • increase awareness of community learning needs,

  • work toward common learning goals for all learners,

  • increase funding for underserved and bilingual learners.

we diagnose learning needs and tailor solutions for your success.

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Dynamic Learners, Inc., is a nonprofit educational organization “for diagnosis and intervention of reading and math literacy deficits of children and adults, including underserved and bilingual learners.”

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