remote learning programs

*During the Pandemic our programs will be conducted remotely.

Homework Tutoring

  • Certified content learning specialists 

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Personalized, proven tutoring methods. 

  • Improve learning to empower the learner


  • Certified content learning specialists 

  • One to five days a week

  • Personalized, proven learning methods

  • Improve learning to empower the learner

Diagnostic & Intervention

Our proven diagnostic and learning specialist teams provide:


  • In-depth Diagnostic Assessment -- In person

We use researched evaluation tools and our network of
professional consultants to identify and analyze learning
strengths, personal learning passions, and areas for


  • Personal, Proven Learning Solutions Plan

We design and implement tailored solutions based on
diagnostic assessment results including cutting-edge brain
research and evidence-based learning strategies.

  • Empowering Learners

We assist individuals to become empowered by
understanding and focusing on their learning strengths and
learning passions, all the while targeting areas for growth.

Our Intervention Areas:

Reading, writing, spelling & math literacy


Attention disorders

Procession disorders

High-functioning autism



Academic gaps

Study strategies and skills

Test-taking strategies


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we diagnose learning needs and tailor solutions for your success

Payment for Learning Services


Dynamic Learners, Inc., is a nonprofit educational organization “for diagnosis and intervention of reading and math literacy deficits of children and adults, including underserved and bilingual learners.”

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