What sets Dynamic Learners apart
from other learning programs?

         goes beyond tutoring

         proven, professional diagnosticians
         and certified educators including

         in-depth diagnosis of learner's strengths,
         passions, & challenges including
         learning disabilities

         personalized learning solutions using
         cutting-edge brain research and
         evidence-based learning strategies

         empowering learners for school and life

         mentoring and training for parents to
         assist their child’s learning

success story

More Success Stories



Lydia was a bright, curious, and funny 4th grader.  She excelled in math, but struggled in reading, writing, and spelling.  Our in-depth diagnostic assessment and analysis of Lydia’s results indicated: phonological dyslexia.  Within a few months, Lydia’s spelling and reading scores improved significantly.  Her writing is more successful.  At school, Lydia is now a member of the academic and leadership club.  Lydia invites her learning specialist to attend her school activities.



Pedro was a quiet, hard-working 1st grader in a bilingual program.  He was below grade level in all subjects; however,  math was his best subject.  Our in-depth diagnostic assessment and analysis of Pedro’s results indicated challenges in word attack and comprehension in English and Spanish.  Within months, Pedro was reading on grade level in both languages.  He developed a strong rapport with his bilingual learning specialist.



Kay was a high school student struggling in algebra.  Our in-depth assessment and analysis of Kay’s results indicated challenges in fundamental mathematical concepts and equation solving strategies.  Kay enjoyed working with her learning specialist and she grew in confidence as her scores in algebra improved.  Improving in math meant Kay would achieve her career goal of working in the medical field.

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our program

our team

Proven educators who have exceptional experience with children and adults.  Several team members have received awards for teaching and research. 

our impact

Our clients and parents report that Dynamic Learners:






identified the learner’s strengths, passions,

and challenges or learning disabilities.


empowered the learner through

personalized proven learning solutions.


improved significantly the learner’s

reading and math challenges or learning disabilities.


improved the learner’s motivation and

confidence to learn and succeed in school and life.

provided affordable payment options or

generous scholarship aid for learning services.


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Dynamic Learners, Inc., is a nonprofit educational organization
“for diagnosis and intervention of reading and math literacy
deficits of children and adults, including underserved and
bilingual learners.”

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